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Hello all,

I am so excited to be launching my new blog soon! It will have PayPal buttons and so much more!!! I am so excited for you all to see it! So keep your eye out for the launch and make sure to send it along to your friends!!!!



Got School Spirit??

Got school spirit!????

Well if you support the sports or have a deep love for your school, consider getting a custom {made by mere} for any event or occasion. My friend Lisa had me make this colorful flower for when she goes and shows her support of her fiance, who is a Cal State Fullerton athlete. She wore it to his match and told me she got plenty of compliments!!!! 🙂

The one: with adventures BIG and small

As I sit here sick as can be, it is letting me have a slight moment to reflect over how adventurous February it has been.

first. starting off with a wonderful birthday. 22 years old…super exciting birth age(not!!! after 21 it’s a let down) BUT I spent it with some fab people so it was a great one.

secondly.  my awesome Valentines date with Delsy where we ate wonderful food such as vegetarian sandwich, crepe, and has some tea as we sat blissfully and painted our lil hearts out.


thirdly.  my wonderful, talented and may I say beautiful younger sister won 3rd runner-up in Miss Teen Placentia. I am one PROUD big sister.


fourthly. my splendid, spontaneous, “mini” road trip with Delsy to Salvation Mountain. 350somethingmiles and what a wonderful trip this was.

and this here is Leonard the one who painted it all. up for the Getty Museums best American folk artist.

fifthly?. my glorious weekend ending this fine February 2011. my first {made by mere} booth, painting musical sets and tissues and tea. yup ending Feb with the cough and sniffles…Feb you been a good month.


I hope you appreciate that I did not take a picture or me all sick…it aint a pretty picture to say the least. and I know there are too many pictures but  gosh darn it, it was a fabulous month and got to show it off a little.

Hope you aren’t sick and enjoying your Sunday,


Monkey Business

Hey all,

Hope to see you at the Monkey Business Cafe tonight!!


Here is the link for the event! Have a great friday everyone!

– {Mere}dith


Sunny Sunday

Ello Everyone,

I hope you are having a wonderful sunny Sunday(this may be only true if you live in Southern California).

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And if you haven’t read the post below…do itread it.

P.S. – So excited for you all to see my new pieces I have been working on!

Now I leave you with a quote from ….

Justin Bieber says… ” Never Say Never”

Happy Sunday,


“Beyond the Boots”

“Beyond the Boots”

Highlighting:  Hosanna Wong

I have the amazing honor to know some amazing and talented people. I have a group of friends who I go to school with, who have started a ministry called Spit in the Mud , which is a spoken-word ministry. They go out to all different types of gatherings and groups, and share their beautiful and inspiring talent of spoken-word or some call slam poetry. Back in November I had the opportunity to join these talented beings as they put on an amazing night of poetry, spoken word, art and music…to support a non-profit organization local to Fullerton called Solidarity, which you can check out here. Hosanna Wong (one of the 3 spoken word poets) asked me to paint as she shared one of her pieces in which I was so honored to be apart of such an amazing night! I know I was truly inspired and moved by the talents of  Danny Sugimoto, Nathan Glen McWherter, Hosanna Wong and many others.  



   <— Hosanna has been doing spoken word for a long time and if you want to check out her personal blog check it out here.




She is doing an up coming benefit in Fullerton next friday, February 25th at 7pm (@ the Monkey Business Cafe)! I am very excited because she is having me set up some of my {made by mere} flowers!!! It will be a wonderful night of poetry by Hosanna and many others!


If you live in, around Fullerton or have some sort of connection with Fullerton, please come out! For all the information like who the poets are, where and what time check out the info here–> “Beyond the Boots” – Event Information

  If anything I just want to highlight someone who has been so encouraging of my new rising business and who is talented with such an amazing gift. So please come out to have a good time, support me, support my friends and support the cause!!




May your [Friday’s] always be filled with fun & inspiration,





PSST….… : )

Gushy Red, Pink and Love…{Re}use words

   FIRST thing… If you do not know what to get your girl for V-day…do you mind if I suggest a lovely flower…that will last longer than a week :)!!  And girls… it never hurts to do a little…”hint hint…wink wink“…and ask for a {made by mere}  flower!!!!   

       SECOND, I am not sure if you have noticed yet, but if you walk into pretty much any store you may have noticed a plethora of red, pink, hearts, chocolate, frogs and white. Yes people, Valentines days is pretty much HERE! And I could easily (being single) have a strong dislike toward this love holiday, but a few years ago, a valentine’s day changed my thinking of this mushy& gushy holiday.

      I think it was my junior year of highschool, and it was Valentines day. The school day was over and I was walking out in the school parking lot to my car. As I got closer I saw something on my car! I freaked out, wondering “who in the world” would put a flower and a note on my windshield!?? As I got closer I recognized the handwritting….it was from my best friend Christina! It was a sweet V-day note and a tulip. It was so sweet and made me realize how much Valentines is the perfect day to remind EVERYONE that you love them. From friends, sisters, mom’s & dad’s to that sweet significant other! 

Now I love Valentines day, because what a perfect opportunity to leave a friend, a boyfriend, a girlfriend, a sister or any family member a sweet reminder.

So with sharing all this I want to encourage you to hand make a love note, just like my friend Christina did that one Valentines day in highschool.

Going with my theme of recycling, here are some fun and simple cards you can make for the love day!

It all revolves around {RE}using words…first get your self a newspaper…

my supplies

 The Modge Podge, paint brush, birdies, paint pen and blank cards were found at Michael’s…

~Use your old newspapers!!!  To make the newspaper stay flat on your card,

use the modge podge to seal it on the card, along with covering it for a glossy shine! ~


Hope these cards give you some ideas! I had tons of fun making them and hope you do too!


Love you all…and always {Re}use words…especially 3 words…I LOVE YOU!

Mushy & Gushy love,


P.S. My best friend Christina…she is very creative and artsy along with being a photographer! Check out her site christinamoodiephotography …

Dream Big…

I always forget to take time to dream. Let alone dream BIG.

About a year ago, I painted this for my friend Angie. I was looking through some old pictures and stumbled upon it. 

It made me smile and think.

  It made me think about how sometimes I/we forget to dream with a child like heart.

There is something so holy and beautiful about the imagination and dreams that little kids have.

Let’s not forget to dream…BIG

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